Tim Part

Workshop B1: What people pay for: Why Journalism is ahead of a new golden age
Freitag, 2. September: 12:15 - 13:45 Uhr

As print circulations decline and advertising revenue becomes a less reliable source of profit, publishers are seeking to unlock future sustainability. Launching a subscriptions proposition is a key part of this drive for future success. But what does this mean for how newsrooms and other departments carry out their day-to-day business, and how do they work together effectively while doing so?
In this workshop we will look at several key actions publishers need to take to capture the subscriptions opportunity, including being more reader-centric, developing new content propositions for growth audiences, and promoting a data-informed culture. Drawing on examples from the Financial Times and the many publishers that FT Strategies has helped over the past three years, we will set out a map for future growth that everyone in an organisation can follow to achieve their organisation's ambitious targets.


Tim Part is a Senior Manager at FT Strategies with over 15 years experience of building direct-to-consumer propositions across the media sector. He has led the Subscriptions Academy, FT Strategies' flagship  programme of its partnership with Google News Initiative, for three years, supporting many publishers of different sizes and maturities in improving their reader revenue performance, devising North Star frameworks, and building strong governance structures.